[Sdnp] SDN Problem Statement and Framework for Data Center Applications

Ping Pan ping at pingpan.org
Thu Sep 22 17:55:55 EDT 2011


One key motivation for the SDN work is to address the operation in data
centers. I have attached a presentation that we are in the process of
writing up.

In-line with the BoF charter, it's clear that our goal is not in defining a
better OSS, rather, it's in making the applications aware of the underlying
networks for better operation.

Bear in mind, in our opinion (as also described in Scott Shenker's talk),
SDN addresses a couple of things: (a) network virtualization that
is accessible by software applications, and (b) supporting such
virtualization on hardware-level. Our goal is to leverage existing
mechanisms for implment such vision.

Please comment.


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